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Dead Bolt wine came to EDGE with a product, a logo, and their eyes on a slice of the Millennial pie. EDGE was tasked with developing a tagline and campaign to launch the brand and grab the attention of thirsty, legal, 20-somethings on a budget. The objective was to build the brand’s presence through social and bring Dead Bolt to life with live events.



To reach the wine drinking millennials we leveraged the edgy logo to tap into the world of music and bring duality to the newly minted motto. ‘Break Into It’ would be a movement for dreamers and do-ers with a passion for making it big, therefore up-and-coming indie rock artists looking to  breaking into the music industry suited Dead Bolt perfectly.




EDGE worked with indie rock artists across the country to try Dead Bolt and share it with their fans. While building these relationships EDGE developed the Music Cellar series, an intimate event featuring a local rock artist complete with an interview, performance, and, of course, Dead Bolt wine. 

With three events in the second half of 2013 and a partnership with CMJ Music Marathon – a New York City music festival highlighting up-and-coming artists – in October 2013, Dead Bolt was able to gain their share of brand awareness. 

In less than 11 months, DeadBolt is now in the top 5 selling Red Blends in a 200 product category. 

It's the first wine brand with in the Pernod Ricard organization that have used mainly Social Media and Influencers to launch it’s brand.




DeadBolt is the fastest growing red blend in history of the Pernod Ricard wine portfolio. 

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